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Phlebotomy Courses:

A choice is all what you have to make, to get the grip of phlebotomy and to spectacularly develop your opportunities in the new, upcoming career of phlebotomy by simply enrolling yourself with our phlebotomy courses and phlebotomy training!

Our One-day, Fast Track Intensive Phlebotomy Training, and phlebotomy courses are devised for healthcare workers and medical experts/practitioners. This venepuncture course will furnish you with all the information required to start practicing venepuncture from today! And you also get to receive a Certificate of Attendance once you complete the course!

You also get a chance in our hospital/clinic, Practical Phlebotomy Workshop (which is Part II of the course) of taking a live blood session with the patients! And then, on completion you also get to receive a Certificate of Competence in phlebotomy!

This is the right step! In these struggling, financial times, you have to ensure that you polish and improve your skills; proving yourself an amazing forte for your organization! And only complete, comprehensive training can make you capable of that!

The following things are what you’ll be learning at Maxis Healthcare’s Phlebotomy Training Course:

1 Day Intensive Phlebotomy Course (Part I)

Dry Lab Practice and Crucial Theory Practice: Under the supervision of a qualified, competent phlebotomist, you’ll be acknowledged with all the areas of vital information regarding this profession, and taught how to deal with difficult patients and children, and labelling of all the samplings collected. A lecturer will be provided. A simulation lab is followed; practiced on mannequins. A Certificate of Attendance would be granted to candidates at the end of this 1 day training session.

Live 1-2 Blood Sessions (Optional) Part II

Practical Live Assessment:  In a real medical setting, under the supervision of a phlebotomy head, you will be performing live blood-taking sessions on real patients! At the end of this class, you’ll be awarded a Certificate of Competency!

ATLAST! You can prove, and become a trained, qualified phlebotomist without spending too much on some poorly paid courses! And you don’t even have to discontinue your current work, or personal commitments amd responsibilities! Just do it! Get enrolled!

If you’re interested in this profession of blood-taking, then come and get enrolled, and we’ll offer you the best training; helping in getting you a Certificate of Competency!

For beginners, you can register for Maxis Health® courses as listed below:


1 Day Fast-track Intensive Phlebotomy: It consists of dry lab experience and theory lessons of phlebotomy. On completion a candidate is awarded a Certificate of Completion! This course is formatted for candidates having knowledge of, and experience in healthcare. Professionals like; HCAs, paramedics, nurses, doctors, clinic/hospitl staff, lab staff and  biomedical science workers are suitable for this phlebotomy course!


Beginner’s Two Days Phlebotomy Courses: This course is designed for candidates who are new to this field, and healthcare; or those seeking a career change; chosing bloodletting for a change! Hence, it is a more detailed course, shedding light on the basics of phlebotomy and anatomy, lasting two days! It highlights infection control, healthy and safety aspects, and practical techniques for beginners! You also get an oppurtunity to practice on mannequins. A Certificate of Completion is awarded to candidates on completion of the course!


After completing PART 1, which is the theory course, you can work on obtaining a Certificate of Competency in Phlebotomy! You can receive it by taking the Live Blood Session course, where you’ll be expected to perform live blood-taking!

BOTTOM LINE:  The knowledge and experience which is crucial for you in becoming a successful phlebotomist immediately, is only provided and achievable by registering yourself in Maxis Healthcare Phlebotomy Training Course! One does not simply improves his/her chances of getting a good job, but also advances in this ever-profitable and ever-growing  profession of medicine!

So what are you waiting for? Want to improve and enhance your skills, or to learn this art of blood-taking? Then this is the right time get enrolled in the right place; which is Maxis Healthcare’s Phlebotomy Training Course!

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