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For Medical Background Students

1 Day Fast-track Intensive Phlebotomy Training Course Including 1-2 live Blood Sessions:

Sessions are conducted at the NHS Phlebotomy Clinic/Workshop. Location: London, UK

This is one crucial step you are asked to take for stepping into the NHS!


One Full Day of Theory Session+Dry Lab: This course is designed for professionals having some prior experience plus knowledge in the field of phlebotmy, or healthcare! Professionals like, doctors, nurses, paramedics, HCAs etc. are perfect for this course.

You will get to learn the basics of anatomy and phlebotomy, and physiology of veins etc. You get a chance to not only learn, but also to interact with people related to this field. A lot of role-playing and interaction is involved, which is good! You also get to know all about phlebotomy by learning the basics of phlebotomy theory. There are also sessions held for phlebotomy dry lab experience, where you get to practice on mannequins! On an outstanding completion, you receive a Certificate of Attendance! So come on, get enrolled, and learn all the basics and experience required to become a phlebotomist, and to start practicing phlebotomy from today onwards!


Live Blood Sessions: Under supervision, in the NHS Hospital or medical facility/workshop, you get a chance to draw blood (perform venepuncure) from real patients! You may get 2 to 3 sessions of practice! After completing Course Part2 successfully, you will be awarded a Certificate of Competence!

NOTE: Part Two will be conducted on feasible timings for candidates during the Part-1 of the course. It is highly advisable that you APPLY FAST BECAUSE OF VACANCY ISSUES!

Venue Description:
Maxis Healthcare UK Limited
Maxis Healthcare
59 Greenford Avenue
W7 1LL
(Tube stations West Ealing and Hanwell Railway Station).

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