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Venepuncture Certification

Why Is It Necessary?

Venepuncture is the precise art of drawing blood. It requires great skills and credible certification for a person to pursue it professionally. A Certified  Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) is essential for professional, accurate drawing of blood. They work in GP settings, hospitals, nursing homes etc.

Hospitals and different other healthcare organizations hire efficient and certified phlebotomists. To acquire good job oppurtunities you must have a venepuncture certification accredited by renown and credible organizations. It makes a candidate favourable for the job he has applied for. It proves that a person is highly capable of performing venepuncture, and is aware of all the potential and possible complications, knowledgeable about the safety aspects of venepuncture.


If a candidate applying for a phlebotmist’s post is qualified and certified, he/she will likeably be the one to be selected and hired for the job! One has got better chances of getting a job in a good health care organization/association with a Nationally Accredited Certificate!

Certified employees have greater chances of having an icreased pay-scale. Candidates having a venepuncture certification get higher salary than the ones not owning one. A candidate has job security if certified; chances of a permanent, long-term post are higher.
A person also gets to obtain an increased, wider spectrum of knowledge and expertise in the subject. In short, venepuncture certification is most beneficial, and highly recommendable for success in this field!

What Are The Requirements?

A candidate is expected to sit an exam for obtaining a certification of competency. But before sitting the for the exam, candidates are required to take training courses, or attend venepuncture workshops. These trainings and courses include the teaching of the exact art of drawing of the blood, puncturing of the vein, and all the safety aspects regarding it. They make a person capable of practicing it, and knowledgeable about venepuncture.

Phlebotomy Exam:

Phlebotomy exams are very crucial in the obtaining of the certification. Candidates are required to sit these exams. Many agencies offer these exams, including the Maxwell Healthcare™ and the NHS. One may find a wide range of these exam-offerings by the agencies in the field of health care, but when opting the right one, aperson should go for a renowned agency with a reasonable cost for sitting the exam.

One may be able to view and find practice tests online, which would help in preparing for the exam. The courses and training are mostly enough to make you capable of passing the exam, but one should also view any material regarding the topic that one might have forgotten.

Even these agencies and organizations have a set of requirements necessary for sitting the exam. One must and should have a training course, couple of successful skin punctures, a high-school certification in the least and efficent knowledge about the subject


After passing the exams, organizations provide you with a Certificate of Competency, accredited by the HCPC, OCN, or The Association for Science Education (ASE) etc. Online courses and nationally accredited certificates are provided by many agencies, like the CLEAPSS.

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